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A portrait of Surya wearing a denim shirt against steps and a garden

Hi! I'm Surya.

I'm a creative professional with 4 years of experience in game design and development, drawn to projects that make the world a better place.


An icon with a insectoid man riding a moth


Level and Systems Designer

An innovative adventure game that celebrates the vibrant world of invertebrate life. 

Upcoming Steam release from indie studio Gazehound Games. Join Eacus the ant herder on a journey across a lush miniature wetland, where insects act as megafauna to be battled or befriended.

Team Size: 6

Engine: Unity

What I worked on:

  • Designing and prototyping our Pikmin-inspired game mechanics

  • World and level design, environmental puzzles

  • Planning and documentation

An icon showing a boy dressed in Indian clothes with a kingfisher on his shoulder

Mayu: Last of the Yaksha

Lead Game Designer and Developer

A mythology-inspired pixel-art adventure about a young demigod and his animal sidekicks. 

Upcoming Steam release from indie studio Roach Interactive. Set in Ancient India amongst the Himalayan forests, Mayu tells a story about traditions, cultural change, and the conflict between Nature and Humanity.

Team Size: 6

Engine: Unity

What I worked on:

  • Led design and development, establishing core gameplay.

  • Managed a production team of 6 and handled project scope and quality decisions.

  • Wrote narrative and dialogue.

  • Created pitch material for publishers and handled community management and marketing.

An educational story-driven platformer about a teenage girl trapped in her own smartphone.

Developed for the Goethe-Institut India, in collaboration with the German Games Culture Foundation and Games Bavaria.
Intended for use in school classrooms, to bring more awareness to smartphone addiction and the responsible use of digital media.

Team Size: 4

Project Length: 3 months

Engine: Unity

What I worked on: 

  • Conceptualized and designed 3 app-themed levels, each with a unique mechanical twist.

  • Contributed to gameplay programming and narrative design

  • Playtested with the target audience of middle-school students, and used observations and feedback to improve the design

An icon showing a girl falling into a whirl of emojis and text chat boxes.

Home Screen Home

Game Designer and Developer

An icon showing two square-shaped characters against a cloudy sky and a sunburst


Game Designer and Developer


Rated on Google Play



Published by CapeTitans Games (Pvt. Ltd.)

A simple yet endlessly engaging puzzle-platformer for Android and iOS.

Nominated for the Student Game of the Year at the India GDC Awards, 2020.

What I worked on:

  • Designed 3 player abilities and 50+ innovative puzzles

  • Worked with our publisher to implement monetization and use analytics data to improve the difficulty curve.

  • Contributed to gameplay and systems programming

Team Size: 2

Project Length: 9 months

Engine: Unity

Check it out on our store page!

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Jam Games

Short games made in 2-7 days for a variety of international jams and competitions.

A 2d top-down character shoots at an alien

Alien Overload | Design, Code

A sci-fi arcade shooter where enemies with negative HP turn into terrifying Glitches

People's Choice 1st place winner for the BYOG Jam at the India GDC, one of Asia's longest-running game jams.

An isometric puzzle level with coloured tiles, crates and doors

Cold Storage | Art, Design, Code

Control the flow of temperature in this isometric puzzler.

3rd place in the international

Level Up Circle Jam

A 2D top-down screenshot showing a hellhound attacking a lawyer

Karmic Dungeon | Design, Code

A dungeon-crawler where you're reborn as the monsters you kill.

4th place in the international annual Gamedev Network Jam

I've worked with indie studios around the world to provide freelance game design and feature development solutions. 

Some of the areas where I've won praise on client projects include:

- Game systems design

- Level and world design
- Gameplay programming and Game System Architecture

in the Unity Engine. 

- UI system design and implementation
- Procedural generation design
- End-to-end development of games and game-related applications

- Game development consultancy for those getting started on their first commercial games

I take paid freelance work on request - if you have a project you'd like some help on, do reach out to me and we can have a chat :).


Freelance Work


Other Experience

IGDA Foundation Logo
IGDA-F Next Gen Leader 2023

In 2023 I was recognized by the International Game Developer's Association Foundation as a Next Generation Leader and chosen to participate in their virtual exchange program - receiving career support and mentorship as well as providing support to fellow grantees.

Founder at the India Indie Club

I founded this online community to encourage and empower indie devs from India to make the kind of games they love. The IIC currently provides job resources, career advice, and support for workers' rights, as well as organizing in-person meet-ups in multiple cities.

G2M logo
Project Management Mentor for the Gamer2Maker Game Design and Production Course

As external faculty, I taught game project management to 40+ students and worked directly to guide the production of 9 indie game projects by talented students looking to break into the industry.

BossLevelGamer Logo
Mayu: Last of the Yaksha - A Mythological Zelda and Pokemon Hybrid

An interview article about my game Mayu for BossLevelGamer with veteran games journalist Elijah Beahm.

Indie Game Academy Logo
'Build Your First Portfolio Website' Class for the
Indie Game Academy

I taught a popular 'Build Your First Portfolio Website' class , which was listed as a top early-career resource by several prominent voices in the game industry.

About Me

Living in Bangalore, India, I’ve worked with indie studios around the world for four years, specialising in gameplay design and rapid prototyping. 

As a designer, I think of games as an artistic medium - one that can expose players to unfamiliar ideas and provoke new ways of thinking. I'm fascinated by the impact games have on our society and future, and am drawn to projects that aim to make the world a better place.


Causes that I am passionate about include improving the relationship between Humanity and Nature, and fostering empathy and recognition of cultural diversity. I believe that social impact games can (and should!) appeal to players as artistic, high quality, and incredibly fun.


When I'm not working, I love to play roguelikes and board games, write music, cook, and spend time in the wilderness.

About Me

More About Me


Gameplay Design

My primary skill, supported by a strong intuition for mechanics and systems as well as experience with rapid prototyping and iterative design principles.

Level Design

I've worked with level design in a variety of contexts, including platformers, top-down worlds, and 3D landscaped levels. 


Unity Programming

Having shipped games as a Unity programmer as well as a designer, I like to get my hands dirty in-engine and work closely with code when needed. I'm skilled with designing code architecture and technical documentation as well.

Project Management

I've taken a leading role on multiple small indie teams, and gained experience with scope and team management, documentation, and iterative development.

Remote Teamwork

With most of my career spent with remote teams, I've developed consistent strategies to communicate and deliver results in a decentralized workspace, and connect on a personal level with colleagues from around the world.


Let's talk

Contact Me

Thanks for reaching out!

Feel free to reach out to me anytime - ideas, work requests, or just a chat about your latest projects are all welcome :).

Shoot me an email at, or get in touch with me through any of the sites below.

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

You can check out more of my games on:

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